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Among the multitude of roles we hold in our life, being a parent is probably the most important, rewarding but maybe the most challenging too.  Raising another human being is a huge responsibility.  To see our child grow and become a healthy, happy and confident adult is our natural aspiration and wish. However, together with the joys there are bumps along the way on the wonderful and exciting journey of parenthood. As much as we hope for our relationship with our child to be smooth and joyful, we are imperfect, they are imperfect and inevitably things go wrong, power struggles occur.   And challenges grow exponentially if we have more than one child as it adds additional layers of complexity to the family interactions.

We believe that knowing our child, understanding the motivation behind the behavior, together with self-awareness of our own behavior- in other words, practicing conscious and mindful parenting- opens up the path to a less stressful, more fun and fulfilling child-parent relationship.

The Adlerian philosophy to parenting is the basis for the educational and parenting approach called Positive Discipline developed by Jane Nelson. Some of the key principles of this experiential and internationally recognized method are:

  • Establishing mutual respect between parent and child,

  • Being kind and firm at the same time,

  • Empowering children without spoiling nor punishing.

At Mindful Parenting, we offer interactive parenting study groups, workshops and individual coaching sessions based on the Adlerian concepts and using co-active coaching techniques. Our goal is for parents to feel empowered by having the right tools and awareness – and enjoy being parents!

The Company

​An Educational Approach to Parenting

Mindful Parenting, coaching, and guidance came along in 2016 in NYC, responding to a need that the founders, two moms, identified by observing their fellow parents' angst and frustration raising children coaching in a high pace and competitive city. These parents knew that there was nothing psychologically wrong with them nor their children but daily battles (power struggles, negativity, conflicts) were overwhelming and worsening their family life. Most distressing, the constant child-parent argumentation was leading to a lack of connection and communication between parent and child.

The ultimate goal of Mindful Parenting is to help parents find harmony and balance in their life, understand themselves AND their children through mutual respect and empathy.  Through self-awareness and a toolbox of positive discipline strategies, parents are empowered to guide their children into being confident and happy young adults.

We believe this can be achieved through mindful parenting, coaching and guidance, and using the Positive Discipline parenting tools.  Parents should enjoy their role as inspiring and resourceful guides to their children.

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 We offer parenting workshops around specific educational areas of focus.  The Workshops are conducted in small groups of 6-10 people and the format is similar to a focus group with role play and group interactions.


Along with educational theories and principles exposed, we found that the group dynamic of sharing experience and feedback is an effective enabler of self-awareness and behavior change.

We offer individual coaching to parents who seek coaching, support or guidance in matters of education, family dynamics or family & work life balance.


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Gila started her career in education as a substitute elementary school teacher while finishing her degree in psychology in Switzerland. After being certified as a Montessori educator and completing her graduate studies in Multicultural Education she continued her teaching career in Europe and in the US.  

Observing children's behavior in the classroom, discussing and analyzing child development issues with parents in addition to becoming herself a mother of 3 daughters, she witnessed firsthand the impact adults' responses to children's actions can have on their wellbeing on the short but especially on the long run, and the importance of mindful and conscious parenting.


She decided to become a Certified Parent Educator through the Positive Discipline Association, combining it with her training as a Co-Active Professional Coach to help parents gain awareness and confidence in the pursuit of the complicated but exciting journey of parenting. 

Growing up between 2 cultures, French and American, Alexandra has always appreciated the subtle disciplinary differences between both.  She attended strict and academic schools in Paris, spent her summers in progressive-minded American camps, studied business in France and London and started her career in marketing in NYC.


After 19 years working in large corporate American companies in brand and product management roles, she undertook a coaching school with the objective to switch path and dedicate her attention to helping people find harmony with their natural gift and their life aspirations. 


A mother of 2 teen girls, she has a special interest in the important role of parenting and family dynamics across different cultures and generations and especially in high-pressure urban environments where competition and high expectations can blur lines between needs, wants, priorities and essential values.

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"We cannot protect our children from life. Therefore it is essential that we prepare them for it." 
Rudolf Dreikurs

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